daily moments week 7

Here’s our week . .

I made pie this week and it was the highlight of my week.
Jonas is creating comics and he is so proud to show everyone. This has been the highlight of his week.
Silas’ goal is to be a YouTuber (not sure if that’s the official word but its what he uses to describe this profession). This show is his favorite and probably the highlight of his week.
Popcorn for dinner. Saturday was a full day along with a driveway party for a neighbor where pizza and donuts were served. They were still hungry after so I made popcorn. This day of pizza, donuts, popcorn, and candy was probably the highlight of Brooks’ week.
A much deserved slice of pie. All three kids this week were sick with a minor cold. One child was tested twice for Covid 19 and sent home from school. Luckily, it was just a cold and not Covid. After parent-teacher conferences, school holiday, digital learning day and an unexpected sick kid pick up from school, it was time for pie.
And the last picture of the week was taken on Saturday morning in my kitchen. The light and colors were perfect and gave me a bit of joy in an otherwise hard week.

See you next week!

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