daily moments – week 51

Here’s our last week of 2020. We are happy to say goodbye and excited for what the new year will bring.

This week we joined our neighbors to watch the Christmas Star. It was a highlight of our week.
Agent Carter always on call.
Vote! What a year for Georgia.
Silas continues to impress me with his love for food and cooking.
Cookie decorating with this preteen.
I love our community.
No parties to attend or gatherings but we dressed in our finest anyway.
Christmas Morning chaos.
We got the smallest scattering of snow and it felt magical.
Merry Christmas from this bunch.
This year we did lots of hikes and most of them I didn’t want to go on but in the end I am always thankful.
Dads always know best. The boys had so much fun climbing and could’ve spent another hour here.
Hoping 2021 holds many adventures for our crew.

See you next year!

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