daily moments – week 48

Here’s our week . . .

We’ve left the paints out because Jonas has been on a streak lately creating all sorts of pictures that are now hanging on the kitchen wall.
I made a deliciously loaf of cinnamon bread this week.
We’ve been doing Advent all week and its been especially precious this year.
I don’t know why but I wanted to take this picture to remind me of our house during this season – holiday soaps, Mark’s garden potatoes, Jonas’ paint brushes, bread wrapped in beeswax, and my favorite coffee cup.
Brooks’ reproduction of Hogwarts with Advent wreath in the background.
We made snowflakes.
We deserved ice cream after a hard week and only 10 more days of school.
A quick meetup for my Mom’s birthday. We meet at a park and had cake.

See you next week!

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