daily moments – week 42

We’ve been traveling on the weekends and have missed a few weeks so this post will be dump of the last two weeks images.

Here’s our week . . .

Sometimes this doesn’t feel like truth. Thankful they love me anyways.
I love my porch in the fall.
This cute squash was also delicious.
Quick trip out West.
Moab at sunrise.
Then we toured a cave in Colorado.
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Birthday boy
The most lovely natural springs pool. We could’ve spent all day here.
Waiting for donuts.
Jonas was pumped to find this old car.
After I took this picture, we experienced some of the worst turbulence. I started to pray out loud and decided I would never get on a plane again. Luckily the boys didn’t notice.
Back to normal life. This is the beginning of Silas’ boat.
Later in the week, we headed to the beach.
A quick visit to a local fort.
Grandsons with the grandparents.
It felt so good to work again.
My flowers are still having fun.
The bees are happy too.
He still prefers my lap.
Back to school.
Another Silas recipe. This time he made creepy enchilada mummies.
Because of all of our travels we didn’t get to celebrate Brooks with a cake so we did it today.

See you next week!

One thought on “daily moments – week 42

  1. Love the cake!!! What a special birthday. Traveling out west was some beautiful pictures. Glad we got to end the travels. Grammy and Paw- paw.

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