Brooks Turns 11

Brooks turned 11 a few Saturdays ago and we finally left the house after months of being home. So this reflection on our oldest is a few weeks late. Its hard to believe this one is becoming a young man. Here’s my favorites of this past year.


I always start these letters in disbelief that you are another year older but here we are celebrating another year.

This year by far has been the hardest for everyone. We are schooling you and your brothers at home for the first time and it isn’t always the easiest. We’ve asked you to be patient and kind and understanding and you’ve done all of those things. And now as we are towards the end of 2020, I can now look back and see how wonderful its been to see you grow this year.

I love how you take challenges and meet them, I love how you desire to play with your brothers, and I love your sense of responsibility. This year you’ve asked us some difficult questions and we’ve had some hard talks about the world and reality but I know you will make it a better place because you have courage and curiosity. Keep asking those hard questions and you will find your answers.

Love – Mom

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