daily moments – week 39

Here’s our week . . .

The crew of the The Carter Nation wagon bobsled. They were inspired after watching Cool Runnings.
Always reminded of our adventures pre-Covid. I bought this castle after our trip to Belgium last year.
Tried out apple fritters for the first time this weekend. They didn’t look appealing but they were actually pretty good.
To break up a difficult week we made cookies. It helped.
We also had a tea break outside. We had amazing weather this week.
Evening walks makes the day so much better.
This child will be the death of me. Dressed in a robe and winter coat for a walk.
Brooks did a lot of the decorating for Halloween this week. He did a really good job.
A quick trip to the Train Museum. Jonas of course wanted to “ride” the bus.
Can you spot the massive yellow spider?

See you next week!

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