daily moments -week 37

Here’s our week . . .

As I mentioned last week, with the boys working at home I am able to watch them learn.

Brooks’ science work.

Every month we get a package of snacks from somewhere in the world. This month was Columbia. I think we all agreed it was our favorite.

My dear friends Kate and Betsy have been doing this podcast thing for 132 episodes and I felt so thankfully that they have invited me to join along. I took this picture during a cook along Zoom call for our supporters. I wanted to remind myself of how far we have come.

A nice surprise from my fellow cookbook enthusiast.

Oh Silas. 

A pricing list for Silas Cigarettes. 

Our neighbors through a fall block party this weekend. It was so nice to see everyone and have the kids play outside.

Rice and tomatoes for dinner.

The tomatoes that were under the rice.

A stellar banana bread on a Monday.

Meal planning and school planning.

See you next week.

One thought on “daily moments -week 37

  1. That rice and tomatoes look yummy. Looks like you had apple cider for your block party. zBrooks writes just like you ( Science project).

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