daily moments – week 33

I can’t believe we are already in the last bits of August. Thankful it’s been a quick month and I am looking forward to cooler weather and the Fall. Here’s our week . . .

Nature at my mailbox.

I have realized if I set out a few fun projects after school the boys will get distracted and I can get dinner started.

Still life on my front porch. We spend so much time out here.

This weekend our city dropped off several dumpsters around the neighborhood so everyone could freely get rid of their things that they have purged since corona. My husband and kids loved it. They got to see friends and neighbors and came home with some second hand toys.

A beautiful, bright double rainbow over our little neighborhood.

We got to try to some fun Egyptian snacks this week thanks to our Yumbox.

And more lovely nature photos from my walks in the neighborhood.

See you next week!

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