daily moments – week 30 & 31

Here’s the last two weeks  . . .

My nieces threw my a birthday party.

On a walk in my husband’s childhood neighborhood, we found a dance floor from the 1930s. 

Lots of outdoor activities at my in-laws last week..

Lately, I have been enjoying several cups during the day just to get through.

Look at those feet. He’s going to be big.

My biggest looks bigger everyday.

Birthday scones from a sweet neighbor.

My birthday pavlova.

Zinnas and paintbrushes.

Its tomato pie season.

He looks so much like his Dad.

Silas made us sushi.

A quick trip to Hurricane Shoals – brothers are in the background on tubes.

August makes the best produce.

I made pasta this weekend.

Using a vintage pasta maker from my Italian in-laws.

See you next week!

One thought on “daily moments – week 30 & 31

  1. Love seeing your vacation in North Carolina. The boys look like they have grown several inches since last month. Love you, Grammy and Paw-pa.

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