daily moments – week 29

Here’s our week  . . .

This week the boys participated in our neighborhood’s camp for Kindness. They earned badges during the week for their acts of kindness. 

Beauties on Sunday walk.

Good Morning Saturday.

This one is always working towards goals. 

Kindness rocks.

The boys wrote affirmations to themselves. “Always Be Positive. Life is one big Adventure.”

Popcorn Balls for camp snack.

Several of our Starbucks have shut down near us because of coronavirus. So we found one open had a treat knowing it would be the last for awhile.

See you next week!


One thought on “daily moments – week 29

  1. Glad they enjoyed “Kindness” week. Miss my Georgia boys. Stay safe. Have fun with the DC crew.

    Love, Grammy And Paw-pa.

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