Week 25 & 26 – daily moments

We had a few birthdays in the last two weeks so I wasn’t able to post but this is our last two week’s activities . . .

We have sharpened our pencils and are ready for the summer.

I tried out homemade pizza and I will be doing it again.

This kid needs his space but I love to be around him.

The boys fix to a burn on my wrist.

Don’t be surprised if Jonas is a squirrel for Halloween. This is his favorite book series.

We are throughly enjoying the pool during this hard season.

Silas got to spend time with his best bud for his birthday.

Our first year to purchase a fancy cake. It seemed like a good year to finally spend the money.

Happy Birthday Silas and Happy Father’s Day!

Silas finally got his toy rifle for his birthday. His brothers can’t leave it alone.

Silas always getting in the way.

Even though the school year is over we are still doing the work.

Bless this man. I hate cutting their hair.

The perfect excuse to use an eye patch for that cut nose.

My new nephew.

I wore a sweatshirt in June. This moment deserved a selfie. 

He’s 6!

Look out. There’s a new sheriff in town.

The chef in the family continues to amaze us with his talent.

See you next week!

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