daily moments – week 16

Here’s our week . . .

P.E. Class for the boys.

Someone lost two teeth.

His brother pulled one tooth and he lost the other.

Dinner in between Harry Potter, Legos, and history books.

School work discussion.

On Thursday, I decided to make tacos. Unfortunately I had no tortillas and because I can’t run to the store, I made my own.

Long walks and runs everyday helps make the days a little less crazy.

Favorite moment of his Friday was meeting with his class online. 

Afternoon’s run.

Fresh bread on Sunday.

See you next week!

One thought on “daily moments – week 16

  1. You are one busy family. I love that picture of Jonas meeting with his class. Did Mark make that obsticle course? They are all getting so tall. Great pictures ❣️😍😍. Your food looks yummy.

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