daily moments – week 12

We made it through week 1 of quarantine. It hasn’t been that bad, but I know this is temporary and soon we will all be needing our space.

Here’s our week . . .

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with Irish Soda Bread

My neighbor is amazing. She made these fun detective packets for the kids as we are all stuck at home.

Daily sketching sessions with Mo Willems.

Our home’s Chief Officer of Energy.

Brooks meeting with his class during Digital Learning. Its been going pretty well so far.

Taking a break every evening with the kids.

Morning walks this week.

I went on a baking spree to bring me some comfort during this difficult time.

Took a drive to the mountains and everyone had their own device on the way there so we could all have some space.

Saturday’s morning walk.

Feeling lucky that we live close to the mountains.

See you next week!

One thought on “daily moments – week 12

  1. You guys look like your doing great in keeping boys occupied. Wish we could be with you. Homesick for our grandkids.


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