daily moments – week 1

Happy New Year! I have two weeks of pictures from our trip up north.

Christmas Eve.

A quick stop at a battlefield on Christmas.

Museum visit in St.Louis.

Our hotel was all lit up on Christmas.

Behind our hotel was a carousel. I think we could’ve spent a few more days here and not run out of things to do.

At the Zoo. We basically had the place to ourselves because we got there so early.

Minutes after I took this picture, we got scolded by a park police for climbing on the seals.

A quick stop at a brewery with cousins.

My sister and our kids.

Looking up at the Arch.

The Christmas tree in our hotel was magnificent.

My Grandmother and I making bread.

New Year’s Eve at sunset.

Back to reality at home.

I got all three of us in the picture. Jonas had a sword fight and used marker on his face to show his “scars.”

All aboard!

See you next week!

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