Happy Birthday Brooks!

My little guy is in the double digits and I am shocked. How have I been on the planet with this guy for 10 years?

Here’s his life this year  . . .

Dearest Brooks –


You are now in the double digits. SLOW DOWN! I remind you daily to not rush your childhood. Enjoy this time without responsibility. You have taken on more this year at school and you are learning hard work, determination, and patience. I am so incredibly proud of you. This year you started to work with younger kids at school and you recently told me how much you love it. I think that says a lot about who you are as a person. You can be patient and kind and caring. You have always been curious about learning and now you get to share your love of learning with those younger than you. Continue to grow and be a leader.

This year we went to the Netherlands and you got to see the North Sea, windmills, the Anne Frank House, and more old churches. I love how passionate you are about exploring new places. You read books, watched movies, and looked at maps in preparation for your trip. And you are doing that now as we look forward to Rome. I hope you continue to love new worlds and history.

I can’t believe you came into the world 10 years ago. You continue to teach your Dad and I about patience and love and what it means to be a parent. You are brave, you are caring, and you are kind. We love you.

Love – Mom

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