daily moments – week 30&31

Its been awhile. We had a flurry of activity with my birthday and then school starting. The first week back went really well. It feels like Fall should be coming but we still have 6 more weeks of hot, humid summer. Here’s our week . . .

Braving Target the day before school starts.

I love the light in the evening in my kitchen. It means the day is almost done.

First Day back at the bus stop.

Still enjoying sweets every night. It makes the hot days better.

Daily evening walks.

This one looks so old lately.

His favorite.

He is really proud of the scar on his chest. 

Friday night.

See you next week!

One thought on “daily moments – week 30&31

  1. Love that they had a great summer- so busy – great pictures- lots of family, friends, and play time. Bless these boys with their new School year.

    Love, Grammy and Paw-Pa.

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