Happy Birthday Silas

Here’s a few of my favorites of Silas this year. . .


Hey Silas –

Everyday you surprise me. You are totally unique and confident and self-assured. Your preferences are different from anyone I know and sometimes its hard to guess what you are thinking. You have a taste for cappuccinos and tea and European chocolates and salads. You like to sleep in a bathrobe and enjoy a good book and a hot bath. Sometimes it feels like I am living with an old man.  I can’t wait to see what adventure you choose. You are an artist, a writer, an inventor, a historian, a scientist, a reader and lately you have started to enjoy soccer and baseball. You are funny and silly and you enjoy a good joke. You are also a dreamer and you set goals and make lists of things you want to accomplish. I am in awe that you are mine. I am so proud of you. Continue to pave your own path, continue to find a new adventure, and make those goals. Don’t listen to the doubters or those that want you to conform. You are unique. Be proud of the person that you have been created to be. I will always be here rooting for you.

Love you – Mom


One thought on “Happy Birthday Silas

  1. Love this boy. I still remember the 1st time I laid eyes on him, he had big hands and feet. There is no doubt that he will be a tall young man. Then came that contagious laugh. Happy Birthday Silas.

    Love, Grammy and Paw-Pa

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