Jonas is 5!

Here’s a few of my favorites of Jonas from this year.

Sweet Jonas –

Last week you told your brothers and I you no longer want to be called, “JoJo, Little Man, or Baby.” You want to be called, “just Jonas.” Since you will be 5 soon, you will be big. You have always been big to me – big personality, big voice, big hugs, big kisses, and big laughter. I think me calling you My Little Man was my way of reminding myself you are My Baby. Tonight I told you I didn’t want you turn 5 and you asked why. I then corrected myself and said, never mind, I do want to see you grow up and be the grown version of Jonas. Maybe you will be a police officer or a referee or an animal control officer – whatever you choose, I know it will be your choice. You know who you are and I love that about you. Let your voice be heard. Its a kind voice and one that I will always love. Be a voice for others, be a voice of integrity, be a voice of justice and truth. Never let your bright light be darkened. You are magnificent!

Love you – Mom

One thought on “Jonas is 5!

  1. He is such a sweet little man and Grammy and Paw-Pa are so proud of him. He brings such Joy to our lives. God has blessed us with Jonas. I still remember the day I was priviledged to see Jonas come into this world. It melted my ❤️ to be a part of this beautiful experience. Love Grammy

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