daily moments – week 1

Hello first week of January –


Here’s our week . . .

This one really doesn’t like his picture taken. So I try to take sneak pics when I can.

New Year’s Eve oysters.

Who gave the 4 year old a glass champagne flute?

Happy New Year’s!

We’ve living the American Dream. Everyone has their own space to watch their choice of show – Brooks was downstairs, I was in my room, Mark was in the bonus room, and the two littles were in the office.

I woke up so cranky on Jan. 2. I was throwing out our compost and I looked up. My attitude changed that morning as I watched the sunrise.

Everyone needs a dino friend in their pocket.

And then we found this little guy trying to make it across the walking path. 

I went upstairs to edit and left them with Dad. Jonas came up a few minutes later looking like this.

We saw blue skies this week (for a few minutes).

Best meal of the week.

Night walks.

Boys got flashlights for Christmas.


Fully enjoying Christmas presents.

Not my choice of a Saturday but he had so much fun.

See you next week!

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