daily moments – week 52

Here’s the our last week of 2018. Excited to see what 2019 has in store for my boys.

Cookie decorating started off well, but then my nozzle got clogged. It was a delicious gingerbread man.

My boys fight over who puts Jesus in the manager. This year they kindly allowed Jonas to do it.

Decorating cookies on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve. 15 minutes after this picture was taken the 7 year old vomited in the back of the car.

The sunset was pretty on the way to dinner.

They still believe.

Santa was good to the boys.

After Santa visited.

A boy and his typewriter.

So excited about this gift.

Christmas morning breakfast.

The light in kitchen sometimes makes me so happy.

Definitely the hit of Christmas.

Jonas got “dangerous animals” for Christmas. I am finding them everywhere.

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go . . . 

Looking at Dad’s old school work.

And Dad’s old bike.

And where he used to play ball.


A quick visit to a favorite stop.

I feel super safe with these guys nearby.

Looks like winter.

Tickled to find snow up North.

I would love to know the stories of this abandoned place.

Target battery situation 2 days after Christmas.

I got a morning to spend at an art gallery seeing the works of Dorothea Lange.

And Mark went to a late birthday lunch.

The used bookstore is a favorite for everyone.

Finding new libraries.

Old meets new.

The light was perfect.

A very vintage tree with handmade ornaments.

The back of our car on the way home.

Happy to have readers in the back with Jonas.

See you next year!

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