daily moments – week 49

Here’s our week . . .

Jonas in the middle of explaining how he has seen God this week. His answer is usually in the moon.

We started Advent this week.

Pancakes are always a good idea.

Silas is building heaven.

Grumpiest child to ever be riding on a carousel.

Hey Santa. 

Literally always there.

Even during my morning workouts.

Laundry is a never-ending business.

Got lost in a book shop.

The sweetest dog in a photo shoot this week.

Christmas colors from Buckhead.

Had an amazing experience meeting the author of this book.

Admiring the sunset into the city.

I ate this three times this week – ricotta meatballs, sautéed cabbage, and parmesan.

That lovely light.

On the way to a potluck.

See you next week.

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