daily moments – week 45

Here’s our week . . .

We celebrated Diwali this week with our friends. My kids love this event because of the fireworks and they get to stay up a bit later.

We borrowed our friends’ clothes this year. The boys much preferred these clothes over the ones they showed up in because they said they felt like pajamas.

Brooks snuck in a pic after our group picture.

I love this Harry Potter themed picture by Brooks.

After school hanging out.

My yard is changing.

We had some great conversations on Tuesday about voting.

An amazing sunset after continuous rain.

The morning after the rain.

He’s ready to work.

Leftover pears = pear sauce.

Picking up brothers from school.

Fort building at 6:30 am.

He wanted to bring them all home.

Lunch with this guy.

This is how we soccer. Silas with a book and Jonas with his saddle oxfords.

Last weekend of soccer.

We tagged along at a birthday party. I still love this game.

Not sure if Silas likes soccer but he still had fun and was happy that it was all over.

See you next week!

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