daily moments – week 43

Here’s our week . . .

This weather has been fantastic. I wore tights two days this week.

Brooks had a fantastic soccer game. He loves playing goalie.

Messy hair and a good book seems to be the norm these days.

Library visit.

We had an extra hour so I brought out the play dough. Works every time.

Halloween creation.

Its nice to have friends who knew you needed something sweet.

Recipe selecting. He picked one out that included nectarines and peanuts and nothing else. He’s getting more picky and its driving me crazy.

His choice for shoes.

Perfect light on a fall afternoon.

I have stopped trying to fight his choices.

A Halloween tradition.

All ready for the Spooky Dance.

First prize for most original.

Brooks had a scavenger hunt themed birthday. It was pretty epic.

My kids’ favorite part of soccer. All the snacks.

See you next week!

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