daily moments – week 32

We made it through the first week of school. Everyone has a friend, they love their teachers, and we haven’t really experienced homework yet. Looking forward to another full week.

Here’s our week . . .

Best way to fall asleep.

First Day of school walk home.

A trip to the store with only one kid.

Finally got a smile out of him.

Totally normal to walk to the bus stop as a lion.

Sunset after the storm.

My favorite room in my favorite corner.

Painting with our gigantic, mysterious plant in the back.

Jonas planted these flowers and every time he sees them he says, “Mom they are drinking all their water. Look at them go.”

Antique shopping and was shocked by how tired I look.

I found this picture in the antique store today. Its an etching of a street where we had our fanciest meal in Paris with all three kids. We even drank wine at the restaurant. And then I realized there was snow in the picture. I knew it belonged on my wall.

See you next week!

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