Jonas is 4

My sweet tiniest boy is 4 today and my heart is both sad and overjoyed that he is growing and learning and loving life. Here’s our favorites from the last year.

Here’s to you Stripes or Buttons or Spots or Mittens or whatever names he is currently sporting. . .

Happy Birthday little boy!

You are four! You’ve been waiting so long for this number. My, you are spirited and full of life and volume. You have an exuberance that I have talked about before and it doesn’t seem to be dwindling. Your brothers, Dad, and I love laughing with you.

Everyone loves you and its easy to see why. You give amazing hugs. You know how to deliver a joke and you are the best at snapping those fingers at just the right moment. You are sweet and kind. You are a great dancer and I love seeing you move with your whole body.

We have watched you tackle milestone after milestone with independence and delight. You have been the easy child in so many ways but also the child that made me decide that you were enough for our family. You have taught me patience and laughter and perseverance.

Keep dancing with your whole heart. Keep laughing with your eyes closed. And keeping reaching for those impossible goals. You got this kid.

I love you.



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