daily moments – week 21 & 22

We’ve been having such a great time this summer that I forgot last week’s entry. Here’s this week and last week. . .


Pool time.

Crazy group of kids.
This group visits us around Memorial Day and we look forward to it every year.From my yard.Jonas’ last day together before the kids were out of school.Can’t believe he is almost 6.

We found a skate park that contained all the kids.

I am learning to enjoy my time with the boys this summer.

Last Day of Kindergarten.

Last Day of 2nd grade.

Our friends have a 15 passenger van so both families were able to everywhere together.


What it feels like when everyone leaves after a fun weekend.

My plants are still alive. 

I get equally excited and scared when I see large vat of corn. I have memories of shucking large amounts of corn as a punishment when I was kid but it also means summer is here.

Crazy cloud evening.

It might be summer but we are still learning.

Work day.

End of a fun day.

See you next week!

One thought on “daily moments – week 21 & 22

  1. We loved seeing your friends pictures every year – I’m sure your kids had a lovely time together- poor Elsie with all those boys

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