daily moments – week 7

Here’s our week . . .

Library Day is a highlight in this house.

This week looked like this.

This is the highlight of my day. I love reading to the boys right before bed.

The boys enjoyed all their Valentine’s Day loot.

I fell in love with a flower called Stock which is such a simple name for such beautiful, fragrant blooms.

Playing trains with a volcano (humidifier).

At least it has a theme. He wants to sell copies for 50 cents.

Brooks did a self-portrait. I thought it looked remarkably like him.

Teaching the boys about organization.

Mark’s Valentine’s Day present to me. It was a big deal that he spent $9 on a 6 pack.

Finally got to work on my Valentine’s Day cookies. 

Jonas helped.

Tequila – yes! Grapefruit – yes! Gummy Sours – Yes!

I have no words.

The first free Saturday in a long time.

See you next week!


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