daily moments – week 1!

We made it to the New Year! I’m so happy to be back into our routines and excited to see what this year holds for my boys.

Here’s our week . . . .

Last sunset of 2017.

New Year’s piñata.

Happy 2018! Can you spot all three of my boys?

Quick family picture. They were all hyped up on juice and candy at this point in the evening.

Sometimes I feel like I live with geniuses. Brooks’ map of war ship. 

Quiet time.

He’s so old.

Taking a moment from all the clutter.

My kids have made up their own rules to Uno. 

Finally washing off all the Midwest. 

He felt really good in this picture.

First morning back to school. 

Searching for a good book. 

My favorite number 10. Can you spot Coach Carter in the back?

See you next week!

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