daily moments – week 51 & 52 (last post of the year!)

Lots of pictures this week since we skipped last week because we were driving. Here’s our last post of the year.

Silas’ performance at school.He loves music and choreography.

Christmas is almost here.

My first try at home made noodles. They looked more like rags but they were delicious.

I am always finding their toys in weird places.

First day of Christmas break.

He really wanted to ride the carousel but once he was on he played it cool.

Jonas was trying to rescue the elf.

A visit with Santa.

Can you spot Jonas?

Having fun with the nerf gun.

Sunburst on the road.

All the guns needed a time out.

Christmas lights.

Their second Nativity play.

We had snow on our visit to Illinois and it was in the negative so it was frigid. 

Christmas Eve service.

Its snowing!

Our third and final opening of presents.

I thought I did a good job of hiding the Legos.

First meal after being back at home. It felt good to be back in the kitchen.

Reading time.

My boys’ bathroom.

Brooks received a bow for Christmas. He says its the best Christmas present.
Christmas Morning. Jonas got a costume that he hasn’t taken off since Christmas.Spiderman was pretty pleased with his as well.See you in the New Year!

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