daily moments – week 46



Here’s our week . . .

Kept Jonas busy by letting him play with candy and counting. The dark spot on the page was drool.

Every morning I read with Jonas after I put the boys on the bus. Its a highlight for me.

Library visit. This week I think we’ll skip the library because of all the germs going around and our family tends to get sick right before the holidays.

Went to Silas’ classroom for his Thanksgiving performance.


I finished this book this week and surprisingly loved it. Its about traveling the world with young children.


The boys trying their best to earn money.

Playing Legos on Saturday morning.

What I did with my Saturday morning. Waiting at the car mechanics for a tune-up before we leave for Thanksgiving.

I guess we are still napping.

Happy Thanksgiving I’ll see you in two weeks due to the holidays.

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