daily moments – week 42&43

We were out of town for the last week up north in Washington, DC. Its always fun to see friends and some family but it can be some work especially with all three kids. We are now home and it so nice to be back in my own bed and for the kids to go back to school tomorrow.

Brooks’ note to the Tooth Fairy.

Jonas gave himself a mustache when I wasn’t looking.

As I was packing for our trip, I organized my diaper bag. How did this much stuff fit in my small bag? Why do I have a pink pull-up?

A quick donut stop in Williamsburg.

Jonas got in costume in Williamsburg.

In the stocks. 

This kid. 

Watching planes at Gravelly Point.

Never a dull moment with this one.

We went back to one of our favorite places – The Library of Congress.

Inside the reading room. It was so nice to take a break from the crowded museums and just sit and read.

I love these halls! All are painted a different color.

Here’s Brooks’ picture to share with his class about his trip to DC.

Finding things to do in the hotel room at 8am.

A visit to the Zoo to watch the sea lions. I love Silas’ profile here.

A perfect moment of all three – Silas accidentally posing, Brooks not being serious, and Jonas not paying attention.

Building at the Building Museum.

The moon.

Looking out at Maryland.

See you next week!

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