daily moments – week 40 & 41

We celebrated Brooks this week, played soccer, said goodbye to Grammy and Papa after a quick visit, attended a Diwali party, and I finished up some work projects. Basically it was our typical busy and chaotic week.

Here’s our week . . .

Their outfits always surprise me.

Mesmerized by Medieval Knights. Happy 8th Birthday!

Playing at the Gold Museum.

A bit blurry Brooks hands out cookies to share with his class at school. They were orange and decorated in candy bones. He was so excited that the bones had blood spots on them. Yuck. But it was his birthday and he loved them.

Jonas continues to love anything his brothers are doing.

Throughly enjoying his time at our friend’s Diwali party.

Brooks playing another weekend of soccer.

Sometimes he naps and I get so much done.

A creepy snack tray. Thanks Brooks.

This is what Brooks got out of today’s sermon at church. Along with descriptions of the various parts of his monster.

Still making yogurt cups. They are delicious.

I love dressing up. Always have. Post-Diwali at midnight. We were exhausted but had so much fun. This saree took about 20 minutes to put on along with a few safety pins. and one other person.

See you next week!

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