daily moments – week 38

Here’s our week . . .

Mark was out of the town for the week so I had a lot of free time to get a few things done. First up I made yogurt cups.  I used three flavors – honey, apple jam, and apricot jam.

The boys liked them but wanted more sugar which means they were perfect. My flowers were still lovely after one week.After story time there is always a stack of books next to my bed from Jonas.Time please slow down. Another soccer Saturday.

And a soccer Monday.

Pear Sauce. This will be on repeat this week.

And this picture marks the last time all three boys will be taking a bath. I think they are officially too big to all fit into one tub. 

This was exactly what I needed this week. Not bad for the price.

A Jonas pick. 

We went to a party this weekend and I found my son eating ribs out of a styrofoam cup. Also this picture is a reminder that I didn’t blend one side of his head. I think my hair cuts are getting worse.

Getting dirty and loving it.

See you next week!

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