Happy Birthday Silas!

Just now getting a chance to look through pictures of Silas over the last year. He is the sweetest little blondie full of life and spunk.


My sweet, sweet boy. You make so many people laugh. You are clever and kind and sneaky and smart. You are determined and so strong willed. And I love that you are unique and different from your brothers.

Almost everyday you take out your scissors, tape, glue, pencils, and paper and get to work. You are filled with words and stories and pictures and you write them all down on books and signs that you post around the house. Most evenings your Dad and I talk and laugh about the amazing and funny things you are doing. You love to sing and perform and show interest in music and I love that about you. You also know so many things about baking at such a young age and you love to talk about it.

Your mind amazes me! You are so creative and I can see you learning and exploring everyday and that makes my heart burst with pride. This year we have seen you grown socially, spiritually, and physically and we couldn’t be more proud of you my darling little one. I promise to always have fresh paper, pencils, and tape.

Love you!


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