Happy Birthday Jonas!

Happy Birthday Jonas! Are you really 3? I know every year I will say the same thing, “that went by so fast.” This year you came into your personality.

Here’s a look at the last year.

At his two-year birthday party.

Summer!You have the best profile. I love your nose.So much attitude.

You LOVE books.

You have pushed me to learn about patience and grace. I am continually thankful in the ways you challenge me.


You are ridiculously cute.

Yep. Just darn adorable.

Our littlest elf.

So peaceful (when you are at rest).

You have two brothers and a Dad that truly and absolutely love you. Do you know how lucky you are?

You always look good.

There are so few times when I get to be near you without you moving away from me that I have to take a picture just to prove it happened.

Jonas –

My what a boy you are! Tonight you woke up from dead sleep to scream for 15 minutes and then you went back to sleep. You wanted milk and were infuriated at me that I couldn’t make sense of your nonsense. I am still not sure what it was all about but you made sure your voice was heard. You have such a strong sense of who you are and what you deserve that it sometimes scares me. Your Father and I are teaching you and your brothers to be strong and independent, but my dear, you are doing it too quickly. Slow down.

On the day you were born, your hands came first and your voice. You enter life like a party and want everyone else around to be having the same fun as you. You’re kind and tender and full of noise! Don’t lose this sense of joy and delight. The world is full of excitement and adventure if you know where to look.

Continue to love books! It will get you far and help you as you explore this big world. Keep your eyes and heart open to gospel and share it with others. Your love is contagious my dear one.

Love – Mom

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