daily moments – week 23

I finished working on some of our photos from vacation. We are still recovering with sleep schedules and coming down off that Grammy high. Basically we are still adjusting.

Here’s our week . . .

We went to Florida for a week and rented a home with my family. It was on a pond (with an alligator!) and across the road was the beach. The kids went from the pool to the ocean and back to the pool all week.




Silas has been sneaky with my phone. But this one time I am so glad he grabbed my phone and took this picture. I so rarely have pictures with my boys during our daily routine. I love this picture.
Silas made treasure hunt for Brooks. He put clues around the house. This was found behind a door.Red at sunset. Reading in the morning makes me so happy. I love to see them all reading.

Silas made a crossword for Dad.

Picking blueberries from a neighbors yard. Hoping to turn this into pancakes for a special little boy on his 3rd birthday.

See you next week!

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