daily moments – week 21 & 22

We were at the beach this past week so we have two weeks in one.

Here’s our week . . .

Date Night. So fun to be with friends and music.

Last day of first grade.

Sometimes I get to snuggle with this little one.

Ready for vacations.Vacation starts with donuts.

This grasshoppers were huge. Florida is full of strange bugs and reptiles which is why I live in Georgia.

All the cousins on the boat.

We celebrated Silas early and had ice cream.

Our date night restaurant’s parking lot was lined with oyster shells.

Summer vacation tradition – Indian Pass Raw Bar.

This was all his doing. Safety first.

By the last day of our trip it was fend for yourself.

Our backyard on vacation. The “stick” in the center of the pond is an alligator. It was part of our daily routine to check on the wildlife in the backyard.

See you next week!

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