daily moments – week 13 & 14 (Spring Break!)

We’ve been in Phoenix for the last week for Spring Break. The boys did great and convinced us that we could do it again. The pictures are not in order because some are from my phone and some are from the camera.

Here’s the last two weeks…

Papago Park in Phoenix.

A stop at a train park. This could’ve been the favorite stop of the trip.

Montezuma’s Castle.

Hiking into Walnut Creek Cave Dwellings.

Overlooking the Grand Canyon.

We found snow!

Hiking in Sunset Crater in the lava field.

Sunrise one morning at home.

Silas is obsessed with having a lemonade stand.

Spring blooms.

I don’t have a caption for this picture. I just think its funny.

A stop in Phoenix.

Final Four fan experience. We grabbed a lot of swag.

There were so many activities for the kids. They loved it.

Its so hard to get them together for a picture.

We spent a lot of time in the train room.

Laying on a bed of nails at the Science Center.

Love these colors!

Looking up at the Watchtower at the Grand Canyon.

Another of Silas’ notes. “Kids Paper tonight meeting for four year olds at Silas house that all of kids paper.”

Taking his first bite with his eyes closed.

I’m in love with artificial grass. I want this for our whole backyard!

Finding snow in the mountains.

An Elk!

I loved the bright colors with the white stucco.

Sunrise at South Mountain at 6:30am.

See you next week!

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