daily moments – week 11

We had another taste of winter this week and we loved it. I had more excuses to make hot cocoa.

Here’s our week . . .

Taking a break from homework for a treat.

Jonas’ cup of “coffee.”

Explaining their experiment. It was 40 degrees outside. 

Saturday night dinner on the couch. It was exactly what I needed.

The only way to get him into the stroller to walk. Give him food.

This never happens. He had a rough few nights of sleep after the time change.

This is all they talk about. I found the box recently while cleaning out the hallway closet. 

We celebrated Pie Day by going to our local pie shop. The pie shown below was a habanero pineapple with a macadamia and coconut crust.

My drink as of late – apple cider, sparkling water, and fruit.

Our spread for St.Patrick’s Day.

See you next week!

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