daily moments – week 10

Here’s our week . . .

Silas has been BEGGING me to make strawberry lemonade with him. So I finally caved in bought the lemons and here we are drinking our handiwork. It was pretty good.

Silas making signs for us around the house.

Brooks and a piñata at a party. I have noticed I haven’t taken as many pictures of him lately. It seems things get more chaotic when he is around.

Brooks writes a story.

Silas making a “snowman” snack.

These! Only complaint they get stuck in my teeth.

Enjoying Persian chicken and rice. She gave me leftovers to feed my family for dinner. We all had seconds.

Cheering on Dad from the stands.

Fishing on the river.

Fire pit and looking at the moon.

Enjoying ice cream on a chilly day.

He never sleeps next to me.

See you next week!

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