daily moments – week 9

Here’s our week . . .

I found a frog in our shower. We still don’t know how it got there. Saturday afternoon the door was open most of the afternoon downstairs so maybe it hopped up a level to the shower? Despite what it looks like in the picture Silas didn’t do it. He is making the silly face because he is naked.img_20170226_090528191

He loves tape and sensory.img_20170226_164044874

Hot cocoa for everyone else and tea for me.img_20170227_152111351

Silas wearing his clothes backwards and pretending like he doesn’t care.img_20170302_075553

Silas’ favorite center at school – the craft table.img_20170302_084949221

An evening walk with my little bear. img_20170302_185119386

I don’t know what he is doing here. It was wacky day in honor of Dr. Seuss at school so he was wearing his shorts over his pants.

Jonas and Maia. These two know how to get dirty.img_20170303_120058061

“By Silas and Brooks” “Silas’s puzzle bag with puzzles!”img_20170303_201451916

Brooks mowed the front yard today. Can’t believe we are there.img_20170304_173033

See you next week!

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