daily moments – week 7

Mark was out of town for the week, so we had Mimi to help us out.

Here’s our week . . .

It has felt like spring more and more everyday which means the pollen is on its way. But there is a silver lining – flowers! These lovelies are in my kitchen.

Jonas fell sleep in the Ergo for what might be the last time. He had on his tractor boots and looked every bit the toddler, but he still felt like my baby.img_20170213_144747051

Our favorite book of the week.img_20170214_080622105

Focused on their task at hand with the latest in eye wear.img_20170214_170104057

A Valentine’s Day treat! Raspberry buns from Small Victories.


Silas packed his own snack.img_20170215_084557041

Silas was here.

This was his surprise face. img_20170216_181155257

Working late snacks.img_20170216_204316768

All ready for the playground.img_20170217_145646113

Up to no good.

Helping Dad.img_20170218_163320

Teacher Appreciation was this week.img_3560

See you next week!

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