daily moments – week 1

This week flew by. I only got pictures on my phone.

Here’s our week . . .

Silas took a selfie.

I throughly enjoyed my Lego sorting session. Hoping this will help our current Lego chaos upstairs.img_20170105_164906958

These two warm my heart. They get so excited when they see each other. Two peas in a pod.img_20170106_110451991

A quick run to the store before our “snow” storm.img_20170106_163946891

Walking in our neighborhood on Saturday morning. We were a bit bummed about no snow but we got ice and sledding still happened. img_20170107_085220527_hdr

Jonas got nailed sledding. He struggled for a bit but a cup of hot cocoa warmed his spirits.img_20170107_095523323

We have two architects in the house. img_20170107_120227842

Neighborhood games during our ice storm. This is only half the circle. I love these guys so much.img_20170107_182953903

The boys got their own sushi boats. Can you see their excitement?img_20170108_090425

An afternoon at the High Museum of Art.img_20170108_145741373

Our best picture of us in front of the museum. It was 25 degrees and no one wanted their coats.img_20170108_154706372

See you next week!

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