Beginning Again

Well here we are again at the beginning of a new year, and since this post is on the 1st I have decided to not number this week. We left after Christmas for Grandma’s and returned a few days later in time for New Year’s.

Here’s our week . . .

The weather was nice last week. We were able to play outside a lot.


This appears that Jonas was knocked in the face and thats why he is crying. Actually, we took pruning shears from him and he was mad so Mark bounced the ball to him and that’s when I took this shot.img_3394

These three are a handful.img_3411

This is my nephew. Brooks and him are going through the “whose lost more teeth” stage.

And this is little Katie Mac. She makes my heart so happy.

And Campbell who is one day younger than Jonas. They are all so sweet together.img_3423

Pancakes for breakfast. Its one of our favorites.img_3427

This kid has some fun hair.img_3434

From Christmas Eve, a letter to Santa. The thing that looks like popcorn with a question mark is a present and the object in the corner is a stamp.img_20161224_212511531

It says, “Santa what are you going to get me? Your the best! Brooks, Silas, Jonas.”img_20161224_212519759

All the boys (and two girls). Friends in North Carolina on a hike.img_20161228_112023280

Brooks with his newest Lego building set. He was really excited there were so many bags.img_20161229_183628893

And Silas got a kit that had a few fun creatures. img_20161230_075445473

Hot chocolate date with Mom.img_20161230_113307217_hdr

Reading together. This is my favorite activity to do with my boys. I love, love books especially ones that open our eyes to the world. Books for me is a pathway for my children to experience other cultures and new adventures.img_20170101_125004

Almost the top of Pilot Mt.

Welcome to the New Year!

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