daily moments – week 51

I have a short recap of our week but its because we’ve been having so much fun with Christmas parties and activities. One week left till Christmas! I am done with shopping and gifts and it feels great.

Here’s our week . . .

I cleaned out our hall closet this week. It felt so good to get rid of stuff. When I felt stressed this week, I would open my closet and see the organized boxes and shelves and it calmed me. Hoping to do more of this in the new year.img_20161213_114547844

Silas made George Washington out of scrap paper. He was proud.img_20161215_093404497

An amazing sunset on a cold evening. Even though our evening light is short, I am still taking walks or runs trying to get a break from the chaos in the house. img_20161215_174432865

I poured too many bubbles in the bath and they wanted to use the jets. We ended up making “snow.” They loved it but it was a huge mess.img_20161216_175750299

My neighbor gave me kumquats from her mother-in-law’s tree. I am loving them. I eat them whole, peel and all. I guess I could make a marmalade but they are so good whole.img_20161217_093908277

See you next week!

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