daily moments – week 50

Doing a lot of Christmas around here – hot chocolate, visiting Bethlehem, marshmallows, and dressing for the cold. We have a couple weeks left until school is out and we can start the full celebration.

Here’s our week . . .

Hot chocolate after school.img_3204




The next few are by Brooks.img_3219





One night we had nachos. We are doing it again this week.img_3245

Silas could stay entertained by play-doh for 3 hours. I timed him. He made a road around our kitchen table that went over hills and through a “Winter Wonderland.”img_3251



Within 3 minutes all my folded laundry was on the floor.img_3268

We didn’t get to celebrate Mark’s birthday last month because we were traveling and Silas was sick. So I surprised him with his favorite, Cookie Cake. img_3281

Old habits die hard.img_20161206_143929741

Marshmallow making has begun.img_20161207_181301570_hdr

Our little elf. He wasn’t in the greatest mood on the afternoon this photo was taken.img_20161208_155147748

Silas’ art. He wanted me to write that saying at the top.img_20161210_210249

See you next week!

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