daily moments – week 48

We were out of town this week and I didn’t bring my smaller camera. These were all taken on my phone so I only have 8 for the week. Hope you had a happy Holiday.


Here’s our week . . .

Selfie with all the boys – except Jonas’ face. He wasn’t interested in taking a picture.

My little pirate got to try his first dilly bar. He had a few bites and then said he was done.img_20161121_175619153

We celebrated Mark’s birthday twice at this little charming diner.


Jonas would’ve eaten all the pastries.img_20161126_220610

Going to pick up a few things with my parents. You can purchase chickens, toys, boots, Christmas decor, and food at the same store.


Silas got his turn in the excavator.img_20161124_100705008_hdr

And then Jonas. He doesn’t look excited in this picture, but I am pretty sure he was nervous.img_20161124_101657123

I miss seeing these sunsets. 

See you next week!

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