daily moments – week 46

I have been working a lot lately so which means I don’t have as many pictures of these guys, but here’s what I got.

Here’s our week . . .

Enjoying a morning snack with this guy.img_20161107_092739605

Last picture of the cast. This is also might have been the last time we saw his sippy.img_20161107_133506203

Brooks packed up a blanket with his belongings and made a map and told him me he was going on a trip.img_20161107_182222612

Coloring our electoral voting maps. We only lasted one hour into election coverage.img_20161108_193205960Silas and his brace. He still really loves trains and I love that.

One afternoon the boys measured the kitchen a few times. After taking this picture they broke the measuring tape.img_20161110_162300912

I love a dressing room with a basket of books and toys.img_20161111_130453357Dad doing a job I don’t want to do and doing it well.

See you next week!

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