daily moments – week 45

This week’s pictures include Halloween. We had so much fun but I am glad its over and we are moving on to Thanksgiving! (And hopefully cold weather)


Here’s our week . . .

Brooks taking his role seriously.img_3147

Silas refusing to smile at me. Only 2 days left until its off!img_3148

The best picture of the whole family.img_3157

One afternoon, I got a chance to read. I always make note of this because its really unusual.img_20161101_143753252

Ready for Thanksgiving.img_20161102_084313851

Never eat the noodles directly from the container – its impossible to stop.img_20161102_122310924

More Thanksgiving decorations.img_20161102_141334094

Trying to capture the lovely sunset in my mirror.img_20161103_182654445_hdr

A quick family visit.img_20161104_155158253

Time with Carson is the best time.img_20161104_185005977

Brooks throughly enjoying his turn on the motorcycle.img_20161104_185821696

Sometimes my subjects are squishy and cuddly only 24 hours old. img_20161105_200240

See you next week!

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