daily moments – week 44

So as I was going through this week’s pictures I realized that I never posted the ones from Brooks’ bday. I think I overlooked them in the chaos of Silas’ broken leg. This week’s post will include some pictures from that day.

Here was our week . . .

Birthday donuts.img_3017

Picking apples.img_3025





Dirty fingers. Unfortunately I didn’t bath him that night and we were at the doctor’s the next day so those nails looked like that for a few days and it drove me crazy.

Hours before the incident.img_3061

Painting Chinese characters this morning. We read a book about creating the characters and it wasn’t difficult to convince them to get out the paint.img_3072


Brooks finished this masterpiece this morning.img_3089

We were all impressed.img_3095

Carving our first pumpkin.



Our finished pumpkin.img_3125


This week I got to do a photo shoot with food. I was in heaven.img_20161025_164433257

Silas with one of his creations. Lots of floor playing because of the cast.img_20161027_075509726

Costume day at preschool. He’s a park ranger.img_20161027_084014460

Another Peep ghost/pudding situation this week. We did it last year and it was so easy and fun for the kids I decided this would be our annual Halloween snack.

Happy Halloween! See you next week!


One thought on “daily moments – week 44

  1. Love this post- I didn’t know Brooks had lost a tooth- I am so sad he is growing up on me. that little park rAnger couldn’t be any cuter. I noticed that picture of the picking apples and Silas didn’t have a cast .so sad

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